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Halle Berry Auctioning Off Personal Items For Mother's Day Via

Halle Berry Auctioning Off Personal Items For Mother's Day Via

Fri, 22 Apr 2011 13:54:56
Halle Berry Auctioning Off Personal Items For Mother's Day Via - The auction runs through May 3rd

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Now through May 3rd, Academy Award-winning actress and beauty icon Halle Berry will auction off a collection of personalized items in honor of Mother's Day on Net proceeds from the auction, which includes a unique hand-crafted gold gemstone ring, will support the Jenesse Center, a domestic violence intervention program that Berry has supported for many years.

"The Jenesse Center is an organization that is very close to my heart," said Halle Berry. "Their work makes a tremendous difference in the lives of women and children and I am proud to support such a worthy cause through this Mother's Day auction."

Designed by Vram, the one-of-a-kind ring was inspired by Halle Berry's natural glamour and was created exclusively for Halle Berry to wear in the advertising campaign for her newest fragrance, Reveal by Halle Berry. Now someone can have the opportunity to own a replica of the ring and support this great cause by bidding on Made from gold-leafed silver with a Surlyn stone inspired by the cap of the Reveal bottle, this elegant ring is valued at $300.

Fans will also have the chance to bid on an autographed photo of the Reveal by Halle Berry advertisement as well as an autographed bottle of the alluring new fragrance. A Halle Mother's Day Gift Set including Reveal by Halle Berry, Reveal Luminous Body Lotion and Reveal Sensuous Shower Gel will also be available for bidding.

Are you going to bid on Halle Berry's items for her Mother's Day auction?

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Dark Tide poster

 Just thinking this poster would look a whole lot better with Halle in a Bikini in it ...What do you think ?


Dark Tide poster

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dark tide halle berry The first teaser poster for Dark Tide, an action-thriller starring Halle Berry (X-Men trilogy) and Olivier Martinez (S.W.A.T.) has appeared online.
As you can probably tell, sharks are involved. It’s been roughly 8 years since we last saw sharks on the big screen, with Deep Blue Sea in 1999 and Open Water in 2003, but they seem to be making a comeback recently with Relatively Media’s Shark Night 3D hitting in September, and now Dark Tide.
dark tide poster halle berry
Diving instructor Kate Mathieson (Halle Berry), who had a near-fatal encounter with a Great White Shark, returns to deep waters with a small group of marine biologist and tourists. Things turn to the worse when they get shipwrecked on a small rocky island surrounded by Great White Sharks and must find a way to escape.
In an interview with The Wrap last year writer Amy Sorlie (a journalist and accomplished shark diver) said:
“I tried to keep it very authentic. A lot of shark movies tend to be, for lack of a better word, “cheesy.” I really wanted to be respectful of these animals and set a film in their environment, as opposed to a shark that hunts a group of spring breakers or beachgoers. There are a lot of people that make a living studying Great Whites, so I wanted to approach it from that angle, while still keeping the thrilling moments people expect from a film like this.”
Dark Tide is directed by John Stockwell (Blue Crush, Into the Blue) and will be released sometime this year.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Halle Berry Silver Rose Awards Gala - 40 More photos from ContactMusic

Exclusive: Halle Berry Talks to 'Extra' About Custody Case

Exclusive: Halle Berry Talks to 'Extra' About Custody Case

"It's been a year full of challenges," Halle Berry acknowledged, after opening up to "Extra's" Terri Seymour about her work with Jenesse center, and for the first time about her very public custody case involving Nahla, with her ex, Gabriel Aubry.
The custody proceedings have gone well, and the actress revealed, "When there's a child involved, it's a relief when you can resolve things in a good way. Our issues were never about fighting for her. We both know a child needs both her parents. But what I want to say about it is sometimes, as a couple, you reach an impasse. We need a court and a judge to help us work out some of the delicate issues, and I'm so happy we've arrived at that place -- because for her sake, this is the best way. We both love her more than life."

Halle Through the Years
Berry was honored at the Jenesse Center's Annual Silver Rose Gala for her "What a Little Love Can Do" project, which renovates apartments at Los Angeles' Jenesse Center, a transitional housing shelter for victims of domestic violence. "There's such a stigma that goes a long with a shelter, and I thought if we can make shelter life be something for them to aspire to have when they leave here, we'll have done something really good," she explained.
Shedding light on how her involvement with the Jenesse Center hits close to home, Halle said, "I care so much about women and I care so much about children. I've had certain experiences in my life that make it easy for me to understand the hardships that women face; the hardships that children face. And because it's so personal for me, it's a way that I sort of get to extricate my own demons by doing something good to help others. It's really fulfilling work that I get to do."
Halle's new beau, Olivier Martinez, is also joining her mission. She gushed, "He's got his own ideas of how he can get involved in the center. So I'm excited he's excited about coming on board."
To find out how you can help "What a Little Love Can Do," go to

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