Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hollywood Uncensored with Sam Rubin EP 119: How do you get into Character...or Characters?

SamRubinUncensored | 04 January 2011 | 
This is a very special edition of Hollywood Uncensored this week. Rather than our usual panel of four guests, we have one very talented actress. Oscar winner and Golden Globe nominee, Halle Berry, joins us for a one-on-one, uncensored discussion about her new movie, Frankie and Alice, award buzz, and what it's like to do her job.

She is such a terrific actress, we wonder, how does she get into character? Halle explains what it's like for her to be "in the moment" while she's acting. It sounds like quite an emotional roller coaster to us!

Halle's new film, "Frankie and Alice," took TWELVE YEARS to create. But why was this movie, in particular, so difficult to get off the ground? The amazing story behind Halle's patience and perseverance, and why she was compelled to stick with it.

With her upcoming Golden Globe appearance, and her obvious mastery of "flirting with the camera," it only seems natural that we ask the expert herself, what are these award shows all about? With all those dresses and tuxedos... and huge crystal bowls of punch, the award shows seem like an all-out party- the Hollywood equivalent to the prom. We find out if this is the truth, or if the awards are really just a load of unwanted pressure.

If you're an actor, then making the movie is only part of the job. Often times, the most grueling part is promoting the film. This is what Halle is in the midst of doing right now. But, is this a a labor of love, or an endless and somewhat thankless task?

Even a star as great as Halle Berry doesn't get to escape the Crystal Ball! But, Halle gives her own unique twist to the tradition. She tells us what she knows will NOT happen in the future of entertainment. Hint: The "big screen." Make sure to to tune into Hollywood Uncensored, our special Halle Berry edition, this Saturday on the ReelzeChannel. TV about movies.

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