Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Promo Trailer for 'Dark Tide': Halle Berry in the Brink of Death

Promo Trailer for 'Dark Tide': Halle Berry in the Brink of Death

June 15, 2011 06:09:36 GMT

In addition to featuring a scene where Berry's character gets too close with white sharks, the video sees a wave sweeping Berry's ship and sending her and her crew drown in shark-packed ocean.

Halle Berry
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A promo trailer for "Dark Tide" has hit the web. In this newly-released video, Halle Berry portrays a modern-day adventurer who is drawn to very close encounters with mighty white sharks. The video gets more intense as it ends with a scene where a raging wave sweeps the ship that carries her and the crew, leaving them surrounded by sharks in the ocean.

"Dark Tide" centers its story on Berry's Sara. Having had a near-fatal incident with a great white shark a year ago, Sara challenges her courage by joining a monsoon season voyage, which eventually becomes an escalating series of terrifying underwater confrontations with the predators.

This John Stockwell-directed movie also has Olivier Martinez take the role of Sara's husband. Ralph Brown, Luke Tyler and Mark Elderkin are among other supporting stars for the action thriller film which is expected to hit theaters across the United States later this year.


  1. Can't Wait!!!!
    It's gonna be a killer thriller!


  2. Love Halle, but this looks horrible. To think that she dropped out of the amazing play with Samuel L. Jackson, yet found time to do this.