Sunday, 13 November 2011

Swordfish - directed by Dominic Sena

'Swordfish' directed by Dominic Sena

Hugh Jackman's Breakthrough Role As The Father Hero
The 2001 film Swordfish marked the beginning of Hugh Jackman’s career as an A-list actor. Audiences took notice of the handsome Australian actor who melted their hearts as the protective father Stanley who was desperate to regain access to his daughter Holly.
Jackman was paired with Halle Berry and John Travolta in an action packed film that dealt with international hacking and national security. Stanley starts out not in his daughter’s life because his ex-wife got sole custody and played the family court system against him. His days are spent lounging around in his trailer home trying to figure out what to do with predicament.

Then Ginger, played by Berry, arrives to give him an opportunity to make a lot of money fast so he can win back his beloved Holly. Stanley says no at first until Ginger brings up his daughter. He first reacts in anger and throws Ginger out but then agrees to the risky hacking job. In between performing tasks for his dangerous new job, Stanley risks being arrested by picking up Holly at school when she is forgotten by her mother.
When Stanley is caught by federal agents who discover his illegal activities they broker a deal for him. The authorities tell Stanley to help them double-cross Tavolta’s Gabriel. In return Stanley will get immunity and freedom. He agrees and sets off to fool one of the world’s most dangerous arms dealers.

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