Friday, 1 June 2012

Pap Who Agitated Halle Berry Called to Testify - EurWeb and TMZ

Pap Who Agitated Halle Berry Called to Testify

*The photographer who caused Halle Berry to go off at her daughter’s school will be called to testify in a hearing on the Oscar winner’s bid to move her family to Paris, reports TMZ. [Scroll down for the video.]

The actress is prepping for her case against baby daddy Gabriel Aubry in family court. She’s seeking the judge’s permission for a move to Paris, where she claims the paparazzi respect the privacy of celebrities and their families much more than in the U.S.
Andrew Deetz
Sources tell TMZ that her lawyer will call independent pap Andrew Deetz to the stand. He was last in the headlines for lurking around Nahla’s school, causing Halle to explode in anger. According to TMZ, Berry’s lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, “will use Deetz as a human exhibit — getting him to expose his no-holds-barred tactics of shooting the children of celebs.
Halle Berry explodes on photographer Andrew Deetz
“In addition to Deetz, we’re told Kolodny will call expert witnesses who live in France, to explain how French culture differs from the U.S., and how photogs generally keep their distance from celebs and their families. The lawyers will also testify that privacy laws protect celebs in France way more than in the U.S. Of course, Gabriel will counter with Princess Diana.”
The trial is scheduled for June.

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