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Halle Berry: Cloud Atlas is unique

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Halle Berry says shooting Cloud Atlas was a “once in a lifetime” experience.
The actress stars alongside Tom Hanks and Jim Broadbent in the movie adaptation of David Mitchell’s award-winning book. All the stars portray several characters, some male and some female and in different eras of history.
Halle originally thought she’d have two roles but that grew to six and she knows she’ll never shoot anything like the film again.
“Oh yeah, Cloud Atlas has been a once in a lifetime filmmaking experience. I will never be a part of another film like this in my life – I know it. Cloud Atlas will always be incredibly special,” she told flicksandbits. “I’m going to always remember the experience and everything I got from it. I love its originality, the originality of everything. There are so many barriers being broken here, so many exciting concepts and, hopefully, it will leave people thinking about how they perceive the world and their own lives.”
The story shows how actions have huge ramifications for the future. It was the interlocking strands of the script which got Halle really excited about the project.
“One of the characters I portray in Cloud Atlas is a German Jewish woman, and one is a woman from the 24th century. As an actor, that’s a thrilling prospect and a huge challenge,” she said.
“What I needed to do was find in each the human quality that’s relatable to everyone because that will always be just flesh and bones, heart and brains.”

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