Thursday, 8 November 2012

Video clips of Halle and Tom Hanks on Wetten, Dass

Just in case Halle reads this, I want to apologize to her on behalf of all Germans for the TV show "Wetten, dass" that she attended in my hometown of Bremen, Germany on Nov 3.

The show is much too long (three hours) and features people who do stupid tricks (like identifying a thousand different nail polishes correctly) and it features a number of german Comedians who are more embarassing that funny.

And when you don't speak German, it must be even worse. While the international guests have a translator who speaks to them via earphone, they cannot translate the meaning of the stupid jokes or convey who the strange people are that are with them.

I admire Halle for sitting through all that for three hours and not losing her patience.

Written by AlexX, Halle's Biggest German fan

Tom Hengst, Halle Berry. Oliver Welke, etc. Essen bei Wetten, Dass

Published on 5 Nov 2012 by
Promi-Dinner bei Wetten, Dass mit Tom Hengst, Halle Berry. Oliver Welke, etc.

Wetten, dass..? - Nagellack-Wette (Nail polish bet) - Tom Hanks, Halle

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Record from the 03.12.2012 (ZDF HD - German TV). You can see among other things how stylish Tom Hanks looks like with polished nails at 3:54.

You are welcome to use this record for your own purposes, it would be nice though if you add my nickname "Crogge" as source.

Halle Berry sollte Oliver Welke küssen (Wetten, Dass)

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Schade, dass sie die Wette nicht verloren hat. Das wäre mal ein Anblick.

(Bei Wetten, Dass: 03.11.2012)

Wie haben Sie 3 Stunden „Wetten, dass..?" überstanden?Tom Hanks und Halle Berry gegen Markus Lanz  

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Auf der Couch von "Wetten, dass ..?" macht Tom Hanks noch gute Miene zum bösen Spiel. Doch später verrät der Schauspieler, wie er sich in der Show wirklich gefühlt hat. "Wenn das nicht Hochqualitätsfernsehen ist", sagt Hanks in einem Interview spöttisch und teilt auch gegen Moderator Markus Lanz ordentlich aus.

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