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Halle Berry: I shun trends

Halle Berry: I shun trends

Halle Berry
Halle Berry has denied she is influenced by trends in beauty and fashion.

The actress likes to stick to the products and styles that she knows suit her best.
Halle is renowned for her cropped brown locks and the 46-year-old admitted even if she wanted to change up her look, the length of her hair limits the options.
"I don't follow fashion or beauty trends, I just stick to products and colours that work for me and suit my skin tone," Halle told the UK edition of InStyle.
"My hair is pretty short so I tend to wear it in the same style for red carpet events. To keep it looking healthy, I use Mixed Chicks shampoos and leave-in conditioners."
The pregnant actress' ultimate relaxation ritual is a soak in a long hot bath. She also named a visit to her favourite beauty salon as part of her beauty routine she follows religiously.
"I allow myself the luxury of indulging in nice products for the bath or shower. I like to use jasmine and eucalyptus oils as they create a really relaxing experience," Halle smiled.
"Whenever I visit my favourite spa, Kinara, in Los Angeles, I stock up on their products to use at home too. Treatment-wise, I like a salt scrub followed by a mud or detoxifying seaweed wrap. They're feel-good treatments, like a good hug."
Halle says the beauty advice she hopes to instil in her children is the importance of sun protection. Applying an SPF every day is the best way to insure you stay looking good for longer.
"My daughter Nahla is only five but I've already got her applying sunscreen daily," she finished. "You need to start early to make sure skin is really smooth and even and not patchy or blotchy. I'm going to continue to drill that into her, to make sure it's part of her everyday life."
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