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Kate Upton VS. Halle Berry! Vote HERE To Decide Who's The Queen Of The Beach!

Bikini Bracket Madness: Championship Matchup! Kate Upton VS. Halle

Berry! Vote HERE To Decide Who's The Queen Of The Beach!

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Last night March Madness OFFICIALLY came to an end when the University of Kentucky lost to the University of Connecticut in the national title game! But if thrilling college basketball games just aren't your thang, we've got something even better for you: The Bikini Bracket!
The whole thing is finally coming to a close, and after seeing some of the best bikini bods out there, it's come down to the final two! We've seen models, MILFs, and musicians duke it out over the past couple of weeks, and now it's time for YOU to decide who has the ultimate bikini bragging rights!!
Left: Are you surprised to see Kate Upton in the finals? Because we sure aren't! As we've pointed out many times before, the Sports Illustrated model has a VERY impressive resume and has pretty much dominated all of the competition thus far! It's not hard to see how Kate's dynamite curves have carried her to the finals, but will she be crowned the queen of the bikini??
Right: It goes Halle Berry, or hallelujah?? Pick your poison!! The veteran actress has definitely proven that age is nothing more than a super sexy number as she's managed to take down some formidable foes such as BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna! We think it's safe to say her status as a MILF is pretty safe, but the real question is can she topple one of Sports Illustrated's hottest models??
It's time for YOU to decide…
Which Celeb Has The Better Bikini Bod?
  • Halle Berry (47%)
  • Kate Upton (53%)
Total Votes: 6,762
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Also, be sure to check out our bracket (below) to see just how these two beauties made it here!
bikini bracket final matchup
[Images via Sports Illustrated & WENN.]

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