Sunday, 8 June 2014

‘X-Men helped me’

‘X-Men helped me’
Halle Berry has revealed how playing X-Men’s Storm gave her an edge for her new TV role. The Oscar-winning actress, who plays an astronaut in sci-fi drama Extant, admitted her previous experience on the X-Men films helped her with the wire work.
‘ Luckily, because I had been Storm, I was used to flying. I’ve had a lot of wire work and a lot of experience that way. So putting on that harness and those wires just seemed like something that I was used to doing,’ she said. ‘ I did actually take a real zero G flight so I have really experienced being weightless and understanding what that is. So that sense memory certainly helps me be able to - when I have those wires on, to assimilate being in a weightless environment.’  The 47-year-old admitted being in zero gravity made her sick - literally. ‘T hat was pretty amazing, actually. And the first time I felt the sense of weightlessness I was surprised that it took very little energy for me to move. You just kind of lift off the ground,’ she said.

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