Friday, 18 February 2011

Halle Berry avoids losing 2-year-old daughter Nahla


Halle Berry avoids losing 2-year-old daughter Nahla

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Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry, pictured in 2009, have called a truce to agree on custody rights for their 2-yearold daughter. | Stephen Lovekin~Getty Images

It’s peace at last — or at least a truce — between Halle Berry and her very estranged ex-beau Gabriel Aubry in the nasty custody battle over their 2-year-old daughter Nahla.
While the Oscar winner basically got everything she wanted, a source close to the negotiations says, “It definitely cost Halle, but after a while, she was willing to pay whatever it cost to make a deal with Gabriel.”
No word on what the male model was paid, but my source says, “What’s important is that Halle now totally controls her daughter’s destiny.”
That said, Aubry was granted certain custody rights by the judge in the case.
† The bottom line: The agreement means the allegedly lurid tales from both sides will be buried forever.
Said the source, “It’s important for Halle’s image to have examples of her hot temper quashed. ... It’s equally important for Gabriel’s own image to have those very racist and sexist views — far worse than those already leaked — kept from coming out.”

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