Thursday, 17 February 2011

Halle Berry rejoining New Year's Eve cast

Halle Berry rejoining New Year's Eve cast

By MusicRooms on 17/02/2011 Tag: Halle Berry Share A judge has ruled that Halle Berry can take her daughter with her when she shoots New Year's Eve, meaning the actress has rejoined the cast.

The movie star made her first appearance at the Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday in relation to her and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry’s ongoing custody dispute over daughter Nahla, who turns three next month.

The hearing was closed door, with Halle attending but not testifying, and Gabriel being represented by his lawyers.

The main outcome of the hearing was that Halle can now take Nahla to New York with her to shoot scenes for new movie New Year's Eve, which Gabriel had reportedly been opposed to.

The actress had been due to begin filming scenes for the romantic comedy a few weeks ago, although it was then revealed she had pulled out due to the dispute with Gabriel. According to People, she will now take on a smaller role in the film, as her original part has been given to Katherine Heigl.

"We were very happy with the result today, but because this is a paternity case, I can't say anything about it," Halle’s attorney Neal Raymond Hersh told People.

In December Gabriel petitioned the court to formally recognise him as the father of Nahla and secure his custody rights.

According to TMZ, Gabriel has withdrawn his custody petition and will instead file a paternity action to legalise his relationship with Nahla. The paternity case will not be open to the public unlike the custody petition, and it is hoped to lead to a ruling on visitation and support.

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