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Halle Berry is Moving on to 'The Student' with Paul Verhoeven Next?

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Halle Berry is Moving on to 'The Student' with Paul Verhoeven Next?

February 8, 2011
Source: Badass Digest
by Alex Billington
Halle Berry
I've been secretly hoping that we would one day see Paul Verhoeven return to his 80's roots and lash out with a violent action-sci-fi movie again, but that seems less and less likely every day. Last year we reported that Verhoeven was working on a "baby mama thriller" called Surrogate that Halle Berry was attached to. Well, Badass Digest says that apparently Surrogate is now dead, or back on the shelf, and Berry/Verhoeven are instead teaming up for a film titled The Student. Staying in his wheelhouse, The Student is a "sexual thriller about a 19 year old kid who takes up a summer internship... and then takes up with his boss' wife."
They don't add much else, except that the script was written by newcomer Wendy Diane Miller. Relativity is developing The Student, but no word on if it's slated to start shooting soon or if Verhoeven will lose interest before the end of the summer and wander on to some other project. Berry has been offered this lead role of the wife, which I'm sure she'll accept. Honestly, Verhoeven hasn't done much since Black Book in 2006 and seems to be dabbling in some weird "sexual" projects, so if one takes flight, good, but I'm still not expecting much out of him. We'll continue to keep you updated, as long as you think this might turn out okay. Berry appears in Frankie & Alice this year and is also lined up to star in the Wachowskis' Cloud Atlas adaptation.

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