Friday, 24 February 2012

Exclusive: Halle Berry Prepares to Battle Sharks in New 'Dark Tide' Photo

Exclusive: Halle Berry Prepares to Battle Sharks in New 'Dark Tide' Photo

ALTRichard Dreyfuss. Dennis Quaid. Samuel L. Jackson. Michael Caine. All great actors, all thespians who took the plunge in shark attack movies. And now, Halle Berry is ready to take a…swim on the wild side.
In Dark Tide, Berry plays Kate, a marine expert (and "shark whisperer") down in the dumps after her partner was killed in a freak shark attack. But now Kate's back in the game, taking an offer she couldn't refuse (after all, a shark whisperer has to pay her bills too) that leads her back to the infamous "Shark Alley." As you can imagine, her time leading a group into treacherous waters doesn't go all that smoothly.
The killer shark film has evolved into a genre all its own, with A-list actors unafraid to dive headfirst into the dangerous waters. Knowing not every role can land you a place on the Oscar "Best of" list, Berry and plenty of actors from the past tackle the animal horror riff, adding a little gravitas to the formula while wallowing in the over-the-top scenario out of enjoyment. If this movie wasn't absolutely nuts, it wouldn't be doing its job.
We have an exclusive first look of Berry in action, along with co-star Olivier Martinez, who's manning the camera, capturing the shark in all its killer glory. Assume this is snapshot's from early in the film, before the shark really starts making its move.
Dark Tide hits VOD on March 8, with a big screen release on March 30.

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