Thursday, 1 March 2012

BIKINI-CLAD Halle Berry smoulders on the set of the film where she first met fiancé Olivier Martinez

Halle's Berry nice in a bikini
Halle Berry in bikini
Halle does she do it? ... Berry rocking the bikini
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BIKINI-CLAD Halle Berry smoulders on the set of the film where she first met fiancé Olivier Martinez.

The 45-year-old former Bond Girl and the French actor met and fell for each other on set while filming thriller Dark Tide in 2010.
And it's not hard to see what caught Olivier's eye.
Stripped down to a turquoise, coral and pink floral bikini, the actress, who once squeezed herself into leather for her role as Catwoman, flaunted her famously-perfect figure while filming scenes on a boat.
Halle stars as a diving tutor who returns to the deep blue sea after an almost fatal encounter nine years ago with a great white shark.
Olivier plays her old diving partner and ex-husband who stupidly convinces her to get back into the water and face her very real demons.

Halle Berry looking sexy in bikini
Berry over ... Halle shows off her best career assets
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However, the nightmare soon comes back to haunt them from the deep and the shark is even more blood-thirsty than ever.
Halle was clearly such a catch on set she managed to get Kylie's ex to propose to her soon after, which will be the third time up the aisle.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez
Do The Mart Man ... Halle and Olivier on set of Dark Tide

The Oscar winner has a three-year-old daughter Nahla with ex-boyfriend Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, who she's currently embroiled in a nasty custody battle with.
Not only is she facing stresses from her ex, she recently requested that she be allowed to move to her fiancé's homeland with Nahla after receiving threats from mental patient Robert Hoskins.

Halle Berry in Dark Tide
Razor shark ... Halle and one of her co-stars

The dangerous nutcase was banged up for ten years after stalking Madonna and it's believed that Halle now constantly fears for her life.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez
Off to the super Mart ... Halle and Olivier off duty

Although she's keeping a low profile after breaking her foot while filming in Spain last year, she was due to make an appearance at The Oscars but decided against it.

Halle Berry in her bikini scene
Bond life ... Halle in Die Another Day

The actress is still sporting a non-red-carpet worthy foot brace boot


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