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Halle Berry on 'The Call': 'This is my kind of movie'

Halle Berry on 'The Call': 'This is my kind of movie'- Digital Spy

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Halle Berry has suggested that her new thriller The Call is her favourite kind of movie.

Berry stars in The Call as an emergency dispatcher who becomes embroiled in the manhunt for a serial killer.

Halle Berry, Oscars 2013, Versace gown
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Halle Berry at the Oscars 2013

In an interview with Flicks and Bits, the actress teased that she was truly frightened by her latest film's twists and turns.

"Right away when I read the script I knew it was something that I related to. I love this genre of film," Berry said. "I love suspense, I love thrillers, I like to be a little bit scared."

The Oscar winner continued: "[I] also [love] films with a cerebral content to it, as well. So this was right up my alley… I thought it was such a great role for a woman to play.

"At first she's a bit defeated but then throughout the movie she kind of gets her power back. She's just as much saving herself as she's saving the little girl."

Berry also credited The Call with teaching her about the emotional trauma that 911 operators face on a daily basis.

Halle Berry, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, plunging dress
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Halle Berry appears on the Jay Leno show

"I've always wondered who these people are and what they look like," she commented.

"And I think that's one of the elements that makes this movie interesting for people, because as I was talking to friends about the role everyone would be like, 'Who are those people? What kind of training do they have, and how do they stay so calm under such pressure?'

"So it's been kind of nice to put a face to all these people that do this job. This job was so interesting, in getting to speak to the people that I spoke to that do it. It was a little bit of everybody."

Berry stars in The Call with Abigail Breslin, David Otunga and Morris Chestnut.

The Call is now playing in the US. Watch a trailer below:

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