Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Gabriel Aubry 'Wants Halle Berry To Pay His Rent'

Gabriel Aubry - Gabriel Aubry 'Wants Halle Berry To Pay His Rent'

06 March 2012 04:04:35
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Gabriel Aubry 'Wants Halle Berry To Pay His Rent'

Gabriel Aubry has reportedly asked the courts to force ex-girlfriend Halle Berry to pay him thousands of pounds a month to cover the costs of his home.

Gabriel Aubry reportedly wants ex-girlfriend Halle Berry to pay for his rent.
The 36-year-old male model - who has daughter Nahla, three, with the 'Catwoman' actress - is apparently suing Halle for thousands of pounds of monthly maintenance which he wants to spend on a house.
According to TMZ.com, Gabriel is seeking between £9,500 and £12,600 a month in child support, and also wants Halle to cover the cost of taking Nahla to visit his family in his native Canada, and of buying her clothes.
But a source says the 45-year-old 'New Year's Eve' star - who is said to by eyeing a move to France to be with boyfriend Olivier Martinez - plans to fight the request 'tooth and nail' in the run-up to the hearing on April 9.
Meanwhile, Halle has taken time out from the long-running custody battle to team up with German footwear company Deichmann to launch her own shoe collection.
The '5th Avenue by Halle Berry' range went on sale yesterday (05.03.12), and features chunky wedges and gladiator sandals.
She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I think every woman would like to be involved in creating a shoe collection. My 5th Avenue shoes can easily be worn by every woman.''


  1. Aubry needs to find himself a job

  2. I thought he did have a job....modeling career, restaurants, etc...? You mean he lost all of that when he split with Halle? Too bad people love one another and then in time turn to bickering this way....just doesn't seem right and it isn't. Gabriel was the younger of the two and less mature I suppose to react this way by trying to grovel whatever he can get from the rich girl who spited him. Typical fallen human nature that we all play a part in at times in our lives.