Thursday, 8 March 2012

New Video: Will Halle Berry Win Her Battle Against Sharks? - Hollywood.Com Exclusive

Exclusive: Will Halle Berry Win Her Battle Against Sharks?

ALTA few weeks ago, we premiered a new image from Halle Berry's latest movie, the shark attack thriller Dark Tide. The snapshot was a bit of a tease—the shark was hungry, Halle frightened, an epic fish vs. human battle beginning to brew. A simple photograph with a ton of promises.
Now we have an exclusive new clip to debut, which should sufficiently rile up anyone clamoring for the Halle/Shark duel of the century. In the clip, Halle's shark expert Kate watches as her partner in crime Jeff (Oliver Martinez) swims out of his cage and into the free waters with a deadly shark. Doesn't he know this is a shark attack movie? What is he thinking?
Dark Tide hits VOD on March 8, with a big screen release on March 30. We will finally know who beats the other in a fight: an Oscar-winning actress or a sea creature with giant teeth? DO not underestimate Halle.

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