Sunday, 26 August 2012

Halle Berry Turns 46 And We’re In Awe Of Her Timeless Beauty - VH1 Celebrity

Halle Berry Turns 46 And We’re In Awe Of Her Timeless Beauty

by Jessie Rubin

Much to our disbelief, Halle Berry is turning 46 today. If we had one wish in this life, we’d probably wish to age as gracefully as she has (after wishing for world peace, of course). Halle has been gracing us with her presence onscreen and on the red carpet since 1989, and we’re pretty sure that she looks just a beautiful now as she did then. Halle started out on Living Dolls but her real breakthrough role was in Spike Lee‘s Jungle Fever. Fast forward to 2000, and Berry was in blockbuster territory, donning a white wig to transform into the comic-book hero Storm in X-Men. She found her niche in the action movie scene and took on the role as James Bond’s feisty sidekick Jinx in Die Another Day. She really turned heads as soon as she stepped out in that amazing orange bikini! From there on out Berry was everywhere, including on the Oscars stage, accepting the Best Actress award for her roll in Monster’s Ball. In more recent news, we learned that Halle will be appearing with a different kind of monster, on an upcoming episode of Sesame Street. She will appear in a segment with Elmo, explaining the word “nibble.” Not quite sure what to expect with that, but we might actually tune in. We’re also really looking forward to seeing her performance in Cloud Atlas, which will be in theaters this October.
Halle Berry has become a household name with her talent and undeniable beauty. So for her 46th birthday, we’re celebrating how stunning she’s always been and has become over the years.
[Photos: Getty Images/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer]

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